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Strange and Wonderful Things Are Afoot Here

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The Vagabond was good to you.

And when it closed, you mourned.

For the fire fountain. The music. And those churrasco burgers they grilled out back.

Oh, the churrasco burgers.

Now here comes Steam Miami, rising from the Vagabond’s ashes with late-night dancing, sure, but a cadre of naughty nuns and sexy ’50s housewives joining you on the dance floor.

And suddenly, all is right in the world again.

Here’s a convenient breakdown of what you’ll find when it opens tomorrow...

The space: An industrial situation with a massive galvanized bar. Chains hanging from the ceiling. Lights made from pressure gauges. And an undisclosed number of “secret rooms” hidden from view.

The entertainment: All around you. There’s a DJ, yes, but also swings, poles and a platform stage lining the room where bustier-wearing nuns and sexy housewives romp. Oh, and if a little person takes your hand and leads you to a hidden room for shots of liquor and... mischief—go with it.

The food and drinks: Froot Loops. Yeah. Depending on the night, you might find a burlesque dancer soaking in a tub of milk and cereal, which she’ll ladle out for the crowd to try.

Tastes... nothing like chicken.

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