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This Bar Doubles as a ’70s Thrift Shop

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Here’s the problem with vintage stores...

There’s just not enough of ’em selling hot dogs and tequila.

But that’s about to change with...

... Better Days, a drinkery masquerading as a thoughtfully appointed ’70s thrift store, soft-open now in Brickell.

You’ll begin the night searching for a vintage shop. Under the name “Dead Flamingo.” It’ll be the one with a wooden desk, fedora and flip clock in the storefront window. Don’t be deterred.

It’s actually a bar.

Yeah, that was a close one. Inside: all manner of ’70s memorabilia. Think floral armchairs, vintage Marlboro signage and a wall made of wooden pallets from Hialeah. Like any good thrift shop, pretty much everything in here is for sale. Pretty much.

Now, in the middle of the place is a rectangular bar. That’s where you’ll congregate with friends over palomas and Latin soda cocktails. The popcorn and hot dogs here should tide you over between rounds at the billiards table. And if you’re thinking that might be a nice thing to lean on while enjoying a can of beer (they’ve got 30 types of ’em)... you’re right.

Speaking of which: beer. They’re working on installing a vending machine that’ll be stocked with cans of Miami Brewing’s finest.

These things take time.


Better Days
500 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL, 33131


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