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Patty Melts and Beer in an Old Glass Shop

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Let’s be honest.

You should probably be doing something else right now.

But you won’t. Because patty melts.

Enter: Snappy Pattys, a little room in Medford full of things you’d expect (patty melts) and things you wouldn’t (Humphrey Bogart) opening for dinner Thursday and lunch Tuesday.

This used to be a stained glass shop. Then a chef from the Franklin Cafe got his hands on it. Get in there, and your train of thought might go like this...

“What I have here is a simple patty melt joint.”
It’s a 36-seater with six melts from the Classic (American cheese, relish) to twists like the Jalapeño (nacho cheese, pico de gallo). But you’re thirsty, too. Then you notice...

“There’s a lot of beer.”
Twenty-one bottled and two on tap, to be specific. And a little bar made out of corrugated aluminum to drink them at.

“Hey, is that Humphrey Bogart on the wall?”
Yep, as painted by a local spray paint artist. And it’s for sale. To add to your Humphrey Bogart collection.

“Now, wait a minute, where’d all these smoked lamb ribs come from?”
They’re also serving date-worthy small plates like ricotta gnocchi and daily changing entrees like whole grilled mackerel in lemon butter.

The old patty melt switcheroo.

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