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Katsuya Rears Its Beautiful Head on the Strip

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So there you were at a sushi buffet when...

Wait, scratch that. You’re no longer doing that. Because Katsuya by Starck, that raw fishery of fantastical proportions helmed by chef Katsuya Uechi, is expanding their empire to SLS Vegas on August 23, and they’re taking reservations now.

So Chef Katsuya and Philippe Starck are behind all this. Maybe you know the names. Hell, maybe not. Very unimportant right now.

All you need to know is that you’re about to enter a sexed-up, soaring space with white furniture ceremoniously assembled around a sushi bar manned by a team of knife-wielding madmen.

Head here pre-club or postshow, whichever comes first. If you’re with a date, grab a two-top underneath the towering pucker-lipped geisha. If you’re with a party, reserve the Dragon Room in the back—it’s a private space big enough for you and 19 tempura-appreciating friends. Or just friends.

Either way, make sure you have enough elbow room to chopstick your way around crispy rice topped with spicy tuna, Wagyu tobanyaki and citrus-dressed hamachi. All of which would pair swimmingly with a vodka-and-vermouth-based #Saharatosls with lemon and orange bitters.

Yeah, no idea either. They just named it that.


Katsuya by Starck
at SLS Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
2535 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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