Due South

Mole, Ceviche and Tequila in Hayes Valley

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You’ve got some nice memories of South at SFJAZZ.

That’s good. Hold onto them. Nice memories are... nice. But as for what’s actually going on there now. One word: Mexican.

More words:

Meet the new South—it’s now a Mexican place, not a New Orleans–y place. Great. Here’s what’s changed, tequila-wise, and what hasn’t.

Then: The name was South at SFJAZZ. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue. When you talk about dinner, you don’t really talk in all-caps.
Now: South. Just South. Like, Mexico-south.

Then: Oh, you know. Gumbo and alligator. New Orleans stuff. Felt okay, sure, when you were about to see some jazz.
Now: But maybe you’re not seeing jazz tonight. Maybe you’re just in the mood for sopes, tequila, tamales, tequila and rabbit in yellow mole. A Zuni vet’s in the kitchen now, and he really wanted to make tamales. Who could blame him.

Then: Bourbon. Whiskey.
Now: Yeah. Tequila. Covered that. Try the Tequila Special, which is sort of like the 1937 version of a margarita.

Then: Metal, concrete and glass.
Now: All that. You’ll still recognize the space. But there are some spicy splashes of red and some succulents lying around. Because...

Well, you can probably figure out why.


201 Franklin St
(at Fell)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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