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Punch Bowls and Open Sky on Top of Celeste

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Dubious moments in Chicago architecture:

2014: Donald Trump indulges in some subtle self-promotion on the side of Trump Tower.

2009: Sears Tower rebrands as Willis Tower, inciting many tiresome “Whatchu Talkin’ ’Bout?” headlines.

1888: Louis Sullivan carelessly neglects to add a rooftop cocktail garden on top of the Adolph Loeb glass factory.

Consider that last oversight rectified by The Garden at Celeste, your new rooftop destination for warm summer breezes and punch-bowl-fueled revelry, opening tonight in River North.

At one point, this was actually the fourth floor of a factory. But now it’s a hidden alfresco oasis engineered specifically for having better times than you were having before. You can always use one more of those.

White, Victorian-style settees. Boxwood shrubs. Hanging greenery. The sky above your head. That’s all you really need. Except maybe for something to drink.

Related: you’ll get the most of this place when you bring a bunch of friends for punch bowls like the Kuba Gan Gillian with pisco, pineapple juice, Szechuan peppercorn and orange bitters.

But if you’re just looking for a post-work pick-me-up, there’s the Frozen Phoenician involving barrel-aged whiskey and coffee whipped into an icy froth.

No, it doesn’t come in a venti.

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