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5 Boston DJ Nights You Should Know About

We’re not saying that staying in and making up fake DJ names for yourself isn’t a fun experience. It’s just that going out and listening to an actual DJ play actual music (with words and everything) is probably a better one. These five DJ nights agree...

Funk Night at Brass Union

Funk Night at Brass Union

What you’ll hear: Mixes calling back to the golden age of funk. If your question is “Rick James?” the answer is “yes.”
Who you’ll see: Union Square bohos and the post-Bronwyn crowd working off their spaetzle.
What you’ll drink: A Oaxacan Flip made with egg whites and mezcal.

Thursdays, 9pm-1am; Fri-Sat, 10pm-2am; Brass Union, 70 Union Sq, Somerville, 617-623-9211

Elements at Phoenix Landing

Elements at Phoenix Landing

What you’ll hear: Plenty of frantic drum and bass. Maybe a flute. Probably not.
Who you’ll see: A mix of sweat-covered D&B fanatics and equally sweat-covered non-D&B fanatics.
What you’ll drink: Anything poured from their 17 draft lines. “Anything” meaning “beer.”

Thursdays, 10pm-2am, Phoenix Landing, 512 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, 617-576-6260

Heroes at T.T. the Bear’s Place

Heroes at T.T. the Bear’s Place

What you’ll hear: ’80s new wave, electro and punk. Oh, yes, there will be synthesizers.
Who you’ll see: At least one person dressed as David Bowie. Or is it Tilda Swinton?
What you’ll drink: Beer, but be warned that the bar is cash only. Just like the ’80s.

Country Night at West End Johnnie’s

Country Night at West End Johnnie’s

What you’ll hear: Live country twanging downstairs... and DJs spinning country upstairs. It’s like a honky-tonk echo chamber.
Who you’ll see: People wearing cowboy hats. People wearing cowboy boots. Maybe a flag pin.
What you’ll drink: In keeping with the country theme, a dirty martini. Kidding. It’s whiskey.

Wu-Tang Wednesdays at Charlie’s Kitchen

Wu-Tang Wednesdays at Charlie’s Kitchen

What you’ll hear: The remixed sounds of RZA, GZA, Ol’ Dirty and the rest of the gang.
Who you’ll see: An eclectic gathering of seasoned regulars and amateur rap historians.
What you’ll drink: A lambic ale. There’s no Wu-Tang joke here.

Last Wednesday of the month, 10pm-1am, Charlie’s Kitchen, 10 Eliot St, Cambridge, 617-492-9646

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