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Wings, Whiskey and Riverside Rooms in Vermont

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This weekend, you may find yourself waking up with a stranger.

A stranger named Ottauquechee.

She’s beautiful. She’s mysterious.

She’s... a 41.4-mile river passing just outside your balcony window.

Sounds like a nice morning at 506 on the River Inn, a 30-room love letter to Vermont that’s really more of a hotel than a love letter, now open in Woodstock.

If Robert Frost got into the boutique-inn game: this. It’s like staying in some Vermont farmhouse of old, but with more in-room massages and bartenders.

You’ll come here on a get-out-of-town weekend requiring New England quaintness and moving bodies of water. Because it’s built on a bend of the Ottauquechee River, and every room provides a river view via private balcony with twin rocking chairs. You wouldn’t stare at a river any other way.

Then go out and have a day of it in Woodstock. Hike the Green Mountains. Hit the Long Trail brewery. Take Instagrams of covered bridges. Whatever.

When you return, there’ll be a lounge full of formidable chesterfield couches and whiskey drinks waiting. Enjoy those before settling into the bistro for maple-chili wings and baked trout.

And if you come back in wintertime, they’ll have an outdoor skating pond.

Because Vermont.


506 on the River Inn
1653 RT4 W Woodstock Rd
Woodstock, VT 05091


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