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It’d be great to be a kid again.

Except for being broke, illiterate and unable to drive or buy a beer.

All that stank.

Though, there was Chuck E. Cheese’s.

That was fun.

And just think... you haven’t even seen the adult version yet.

It goes by the name Emporium Arcade Bar Logan Square, a massive escalation in the arcade-for-adults genre of saloons, opening tonight.

There’s the Wicker Park original, sure. But let’s take a look at what’s new here:

Army-man murals. Also, bow-trussed ceilings, picnic tables, a curvy concrete bar and 8,500 square feet of space, which you definitely need because...

There’s a food truck parked inside. It’s not mobile, naturally, but it will sell simple, deli-style sandwiches when you need energy for...

Some vintage pinball like Baywatch. Or ’80s video games. Or foosball, pool, air hockey and Super Chexx (aka bubble hockey). The losers can buy the winners...

A cold can of beer. They have 40 to 50 from small American breweries. Just don’t throw the empties into...

That chain-link basketball hoop on the wall.

Unless you really need two points.


Emporium Arcade Bar Logan Square
2363 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Medill and Fullerton)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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