Urbo Charged

A Trilevel Times Square Dinner Behemoth

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Putting an incredibly large, Brooklyn-esque eating behemoth in Times Square: sign of the apocalypse, or just crazy enough to work?

Let’s see...

Step cautiously into Urbo, a colossal new trilevel Times Square dinner-and-coffee compound, partially opening later this week.

Different establishments you’ll find here: 5
Square feet they take up: 26,000
Times you’ll see the words “locally sourced” or “artisanal”: roughly
Open kitchens on the first floor alone: 3
Coffee shops serving Blue Bottle on that floor: 1
Legit NYC water towers spotted inside: 1
Odds you’ll think to yourself, “Wow, this is like Brooklyn: the amusement park”: 2:1
Chefs here after fulfilling careers at Le Bernardin and the Quilted Giraffe: 1 (the main one)
Courses on the tasting menu in the third-floor loft: 9
Number of those that are dessert: 3
Weeks until that part’s open: 2
Glass gazebos also found on that floor: 1
Cocktail bars also on that floor: 1
Drinks lovingly named after the phase in which the mixologist sold butterfly knives in the Bronx: 1
Butterfly knives garnishing said cocktail: 0 (sorry)
Floors they haven’t even completely figured out what to do with yet: 1
Odds you, the discerning New Yorker, have that same problem: error

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