Things to do for July 17, 2014

The Weekender

Cookie Dough Cakes and Fruity Pebbles Shakes

The weekend allows unlimited substitutions.

Cookie Dough Cake. Yep.

Cookie Dough Cake. Yep.

Maybe you’re throwing a party. Maybe it’s just Thursday. Anyway, you need a cake. So here’s Tiffany MacIsaac, the pastry maven behind GBD and ChurchKey. She’s now gone solo, turning out cakes layered with raw cookie dough and PB&J Mallomars. The strawberry Peeps cake can’t be far off.

Buying a Piece of Citronelle

Buying a Piece of Citronelle

You can’t cook like Michel Richard. (Sorry.) But you can cook with his stuff. Almost everything inside the former Citronelle—plates, silver, chairs, pots, pans—is up for sale, as is everything in the Latham Hotel that once housed it. Your place could use a room service cart.

Ongoing, Latham Hotel/Citronelle Liquidation Sale, 3000 M St NW, appointments required at 202-716-9811

Destination Gyros on 19th Street

Destination Gyros on 19th Street

You’ll go out of your way for a good gyro. At this Manhattan import, they use actual stacked, marinated filets of meat rather than the weird processed stuff, then pair it with pita from a wood-burning oven, and sauces like habanero tzatziki. We hear that was Plato’s favorite.

Cereal, Now in Drunken Milkshake Form

Cereal, Now in Drunken Milkshake Form

Good: Breakfast cereal. You know, Fruity Pebbles, Apple Jacks, Lucky Charms.
Better: Blending them with vanilla ice cream.
Best: Also blending them with rum, rye and Irish whiskey.
You can find five such concoctions at Satellite Room’s brunch. Just don’t tell Lucky the Leprechaun. He’s five years sober.

Sat-Sun, 11am-5pm, $10, Satellite Room, 2047 9th St NW, 202-506-2496

Endless Burgers Meet Endless Ice Cream

Endless Burgers Meet Endless Ice Cream

Two forms of gluttony. One day. First up: the DC BRGR Bash, where you can sample burgers from 10 restaurants, while taking in some live soul music and six different drafts. Then: the DC Scoop, which brings together a dozen or so ice cream makers. They happen simultaneously, so choose wisely.

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