Natoma Cabana

At the ’Toma, ’Toma Cabana

A Backyard Party from the Terminus Guys

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Every great once in a while, you go to a backyard party and it’s perfect.

Strung-up white lights. Tasteful patio furniture. White-whiskey cocktails.

Also, it’s inside.

Remove a few layers for Natoma Cabana, a backyard party of a plant-filled bar that has some brick walls and a ceiling because that just makes good sense, opening Thursday.

It’s from the Café Terminus and Trocadero Club guys, so expect unfussy in a good way—from 2pm on, this is your place to metaphorically kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the nonexistent grass.

But your date’s real, and your friends, and your date’s friends. Everybody’s casually having a good time over juleps and punch, and somebody’ll have to try the Whiskey Vic, with white whiskey, curaçao, orgeat and lime. It’s sort of like a white-whiskey mai tai. A thing that should’ve really existed before now.

And know this: the beer list is good and weird. They’ve got Bacon Brown Ale from Uncommon Brewers on tap, for starters, and it’s likely you’ll see it in a classier ceramic version of a red Solo cup soon.

Not that Solo cups aren’t classy.

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