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The Truth About Janky Donuts

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There’s been a lot of talk about this crazy new donut shop in town.

But here’s the thing: not a donut shop.


It’s actually an art installation called Janky Donuts disguised as a real donuteria inside an artist’s loft, and it’s open now in the Financial District.

Let’s separate the truths from the non-truths, shall we...

True or False: Their donuts (and everything else inside) are made from salvaged wood.
True. A five-person collective called the Individuals happened to have a lot of found wood on their hands. Then this happened.

True or False: Wood donuts are a healthy alternative to traditional donuts.
False. Just... false.

True or False: Everything you see is for sale.
True. You can buy anything in this faux confectionary, from boxes of mock donuts (in 12 flavors) to the jukebox to the security cameras.

True or False: This fake donut shop is a front for a fake arms dealer.
True. Gently push that door marked “employees only” and discover a back room filled with racks of phony firearms, a giant bison head and a functional shooting range with vintage Red Ryder BB guns.

True or False: You’ll never eat a donut here. Ever.
False. They’ll be holding events featuring shooting range competitions and actual, non-wooden donuts from a TBD supplier.

So, happy ending.


Janky Donuts
at Lot F Gallery
145 Pearl St, #4
Boston, MA, 02110


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