Scand and Deliver

The World’s First Mobile Hotel Room

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No one’s ever said this:

“The problem with hotels is that they’re so damn... stationary.”

And yet...

Here comes Scandic To Go, a mobile hotel room that you can have delivered wherever you want—so long as you want it delivered somewhere within the Nordic region.

Let’s get to it, FAQ-style, shall we.

So what is this exactly?
A mobile hotel room.

And how does that work?
Pretty much like it sounds.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Hey, we’re here to help.

So let’s back up: what’s Scandic?
It’s a mini-chain of nice hotels in northern Europe.

And Scandic To Go is...?
The delivery version of Scandic.

Okay. So when and why would I do this?
Say you’re touring Sweden’s oldest iron-ore mines on Utö in the Stockholm archipelago (it could happen). And you and your date want to be alone. Like, only-people-around-for-miles alone.

I’m with you. What happens then?
You call up the nice Swedish folks at Scandic To Go, and let ’em know where you’d like the room delivered. They’ll come, set it up and leave you to it.

Got it. So what’s the room like, anyway? Is there a bathroom?
Yes. And wi-fi. And A/C. And two beds. And... bathrobes. (See it all here.)

So everything you need for a pillow fight with three Swedes.
Weird. But yes. A thousand times yes.

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