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Palms Away

Just a Penthouse with Picasso and Dalí Paintings

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Turns out, The Founder’s Penthouse at Palms is for sale right now.

You know the one.

Or if you don’t, just know that Phil Maloof (the youngest member of the Palms-hotel-owning Maloof dynasty) just put what may amount to the most expensive and glorious piece of real estate in the entire city on the market.

For your consideration: a statistical close-up of your next not-so-humble abode...

Asking price: $38 million
Selling price of the second-most-expensive property in Las Vegas: $16.5 million
Total square footage consisting of 30-foot ceilings, glass walls and massive outdoor terraces: 27,000
Number of Picasso and Dalí paintings that come with it: 2 (one of each)
Floor the private elevator will drop you off at: 59
Bedrooms: 3
Marble bathrooms: 6
Number of times Zedd will perform behind the living room DJ booth: your call
Remotes you need to control the music, electric shades and multiple fireplaces: 1
Flat-screen TVs for broadcasting the World Cup final: at least 35
Outdoor theaters for broadcasting the World Cup final: 1
Maximum occupancy of the outdoor hot tub: 20
Degrees of skyline view available: 360
Private helipads: 1
Odds you’ll end up legally changing your name to “The Founder”: we’re going with high


The Founder’s Penthouse
at Palms
4381 W Flamingo Rd, Ste 59301
Las Vegas, NV, 89103


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