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A Black-and-White French Clothery on Fillmore

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Ah, summer in San Francisco.

The perfect time to stock up on French leather jackets, fisherman’s coats and the kind of sweater your morning-after might pick up off the floor and throw on without pants to go make some coffee.

Yup, another summer in San Francisco...

Meet The Kooples, a Paris-based house of Euro-looking clothes that doesn’t seem to have any flannel or beard oil but it’s still pretty nice anyway—it’s now open on Fillmore.

It looks good in here, a long, narrow corridor that’s all black and white like a classic film noir. Well, if noirs involved more marble. This is the first US store from the French brand, and, well, even though it’s summer, you’ll only find fall stuff inside. It’s like they know us already...

Come here if you need some leather to get you through August fog (sigh) or when you’re going to an angel investor’s loft party and you suspect the guest list will be more than 27% European. Translation: you need black. Lots of black. (Almost everything in here is black, blue or gray.)

But they do have denim and stuff, too. Nice denim.

Couldn’t not have denim.


The Kooples
2241 Fillmore St
(at Clay)
San Francisco, CA, 94115


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