Fear Factor

The City’s Most Intimidating Meeting Spots

Intimidation: when used creatively and appropriately, it’ll get your business taken care of. Herewith, five intimidating-as-hell meeting spots—organized by inspiration—that’ll advance your agenda. Hard.

UD - Blade to the Hamptons

Blade to the Hamptons

The Plan: Call an emergency Hamptons summit. Book a last-minute flight and bring along a colleague with a fear of flying for a little presummit sidebar. Discreetly inform the pilot that you prefer corkscrew landings.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “These things almost never go down.”

Blade, available online

UD - The Water Table

The Water Table

The Plan: Set up a powwow on this East River–based dinner vessel. It’s got lobster rolls from a Gramercy Tavern vet and an outdoor deck, and it’s completely surrounded by a river notorious as a dumping ground for mobsters.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “I hear a lot of people fall into this particular river.”

UD - The Thunderbolt at Luna Park

The Thunderbolt at Luna Park

The Plan: Invite a subordinate to a “trust exercise” at this new version of the hallowed Coney Island coaster. Let them get firmly captive buckled in and start discussing proper business etiquette and the art of the 65 mph, 90-degree vertical drop.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “You’ve got 48 seconds.”

Thunderbolt at Luna Park, 1000 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, 718-373-5862

UD - Bar 54 in Midtown

Bar 54 in Midtown

The Plan: An all-hands morale session after work on this 54th-floor roof deck. Get the team cocktails; get yourself water. Stand atop one of the balcony sofas, peering over the ledge, a picture of control.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “The vertigo is perfectly natural.”

UD - Bowery Bliss on the LES

Bowery Bliss on the LES

The Plan: Assure your clients you’re taking them out for a good old-fashioned night on the town. Then wordlessly lead them to one of the canopy-bed lounges here, and introduce them to Gina, Veronica, Viv, Agnes and Steve. Slowly unbuckle your belt.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “Let’s get started, shall we?”

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