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This Mission Bar Has a Mezcal Wall, So...

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This is a bar called ABV.

It opens this week in the Mission.

And it goes like this:

The pedigree: Is substantial. And it’s brought to you by a trio of Beretta, Bourbon &
Branch and Dalva/Hideout vets.

The space: It’s where Tokyo Go-Go used to be. But hopefully you don’t mind that
they’ve shrunken the kitchen to make more bar
, put black soundproofing foam on the ceiling, thrown in a couple high-top communal tables and
placed a big mural of two hands on the wall in the back room. Hands mural, people.

The drinks: You’ll find those behind the long bar made out of a 100-year-old elm tree.
Let’s see, there’s a highball section. A wall of mezcals. Plenty of scotch. And it’s probably in your
best interest to consider the Land’s End with Jamaican rum, lemon and raspberry gum. If only because what
the hell is raspberry gum...

The food: Will be best consumed on the mezzanine level, which offers a bird’s-eye view of
the crowd below. It’s highbrow finger-food stuff. Chicken pot pie empanadas. Falafel dogs. Things like that.

The crowd: Depends on who you bring, we suppose. A big, fun group sounds about right.

Bar and all.


3174 16th St
(near Guerrero)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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