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A French Wonderland of a Hotel in Plymouth

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In 1620, the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Poor bastards. They got there 394 years too early.

Because they missed out on all of this...

Welcome back from the long weekend, and welcome to the Mirbeau Inn & Spa at the Pinehills, a sprawling new Francophile spa retreat that wants you to sleep in it and eat in it, now open in Plymouth.

Here’s the short version:

It looks like some French aristocrat’s country estate.
Except it’s a 50-room hotel instead. There’s a Manor House and a Guest House, each with its share of mighty fireplaces and oversize soaking tubs. And they’re connected by a covered wooden bridge, because why not.

A 14,000-square-foot spa exists there.
That part’s sort of the point. That part also has eucalyptus-infused steam rooms and an outdoor hot plunge whirlpool.

There are three restaurants.
Start with duck confit sweet potato hash on the Bistro & Wine Bar’s porch overlooking the garden. Carry on at the spa’s Aqua Terrace for post-massage prosciutto flatbreads and wine. Then dine that comely stranger from the whirlpool at Henri-Marie for three-, five- and seven-course tasting menus with bacon-wrapped rabbit loin or lavender Pop Rocks.

Then maybe call it a day.


Mirbeau Inn & Spa at the Pinehills
35 Landmark Dr
Plymouth, MA, 02360


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