Japanese Cuisine by Omae

My Omae

The Chef: Highly Decorated. The Place: Tiny.

None Strip malls.

God, they’re nice.


They’re the only places we know of these days where you can get a multicourse Japanese feast prepared by a Michelin-starred chef who used to work under Morimoto.

Oh, wait, that’s just this strip mall...

Sharpen your chopsticks for Japanese Cuisine by Omae, a swanky, intimate, 12-seat omakase that’s now soft-open for lunch in a Chinatown you-guessed-it.

This place is tiny. Like... tiny. Four tables with white banquette seating. A koi pond to your right. A monk statue to your left. Kimonos lining the walls. Point is: you’re going to need reservations, because there’s only one chef in charge here.

He’s got two Michelin stars. He’s an Iron Chef alum. He was Morimoto’s disciple. Basically, he’s not a small deal.

You’ll head here when you’re in the mood to not make decisions. The good chef will make those for you. Chilled triple-layered soup with a soy sauce gelée: maybe. Yuzu shrimp with deep-fried lotus roots: perhaps.

And that’s just lunch. He’s waiting for the liquor license to arrive before opening for dinner.

“Otherwise, what’s the point.”
—Most people


Japanese Cuisine by Omae
3650 S Decatur Blvd, Ste 26
(between Spring Mountain and Twain)
Las Vegas, NV, 89103

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