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The Finest Hot Dogs in America: An Infographic

You’re about to be surrounded by many symbols of American sovereignty.

Bald eagles.

Roman candles.

Ten-inch, all-beef frankfurters on steamed buns smothered with mustard, relish and maybe some duck confit.

But since you can only eat one of those symbols...

Get acquainted with The Most Important Hot Dogs in America, a comprehensive infographic detailing our nation’s finest achievements in the hot dogging arts, now viewable right here.

The usual suspects of the hot dog pantheon are here—your Nathan’s, your Dodger Dog, your Ben’s Chili Bowl Half-Smoke. But thanks to the tireless research of UD Labs, you’ll also find lesser-known marvels like po’boy-style dogs from Nashville and crabmeat-topped dogs from Baltimore.

So have a look. And come Friday, think of this when you’re basking under the glow of recreational explosives, cold beer in hand, admiring how far we’ve come as a nation—nay, as a civilization.

Well, except for tofu dogs.

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