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We’re interrupting your day to tell you about Pasar Malam, a new Malaysian spot in Williamsburg. (It’s open now, and you can see a slideshow here.)

We interrupted your day because it’s from the husband-and-wife team behind Laut in Union Square. That place won a Bib Gourmand from Michelin—like a star for more casual spots—so it seemed like you should know what they’re up to next.

We interrupted your day because four lamas are coming to bless this place next week. We’re not sure if that means you should go now or go later, but now you know.

We interrupted your day because the food is something special. The full menu’s here, but these are some highlights:

The soft-shell crab.
The Baba fish head curry.
The roti tisu—a two-foot-tall tower of crispy, flaky, dessert-y goodness you break off and dip in coconut cream.
The Michael Jackson—a layered black-and-white brew (get it?) of soy milk and herbal grass jelly.

We interrupted your day because the next time you have an adventurous date, and you’re looking for a place in Williamsburg, this is a pretty good one to have in your proverbial pocket.

Putting it in your literal pocket: tricky.

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