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Once upon a time, there was a restaurant named Chanterelle.

For 30 prosperous years, it was a beloved institution in the lands known as SoHo and Tribeca.

The townspeople were merry and feasted with great mirth.

But then, in the year 2009, Chanterelle closed.

The townspeople shed tears and feasted no more.

Great despair set upon the courting lords and ladies of the kingdom.

Until today, when this happened...

This being élan, a new dinner spot from a couple Chanterelle folks (including the chef), opening tonight in Flatiron. Here’s what to know.

That guy on the wall: he’s Chuck Close.
You know, the big-deal artist. He made this tapestry just for élan.

That daguerreotype of a menu on the wall: also by Chuck Close.
He created it for Chanterelle’s 30th anniversary, but they didn’t get to use it. (Yes, Chuck—along with a bunch of other art-world luminaries—was a regular at Chanterelle.)

Your next artsy date:
Will appreciate all that.

The seafood sausage survives.
The Chanterelle favorite’s still full of shrimp, scallops, lobster and more.

The sea urchin guacamole, though. That’s new.
It’s guacamole. Made with sea urchin. Genius.

Power dining. It’s happening.
Given the neighborhood and the negotiation-ready wraparound banquettes, it was inevitable.

It’s peach season.
And a Betony vet’s doing cocktails like the bourbon-y/peachy/wine-y MFK She’s a Peach, named for the chef’s wife.

You were afraid they wouldn’t have booze, weren’t you?

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