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Somerville’s Got a Really Big Beer Place Now

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William Wonka.

Now there’s a man who knows his way around a chocolate factory.

And if he ever got into the brewing business... it might look something like this:

Here’s your golden ticket to Aeronaut Brewing Company, a 12,000-square-foot beer wonderland in an old envelope factory, opening tonight in Somerville.

Information, commence:

The first half is the “Food Hub.”
There’s an espresso counter, a guy making chocolate, a farmers’ market and pizza kits. After all, it’s a food hub.

The other half is “The Brewery.”
We probably didn’t have to put that in quotes. But it’s full of brewing stuff like gigantic beer vats and a big bourbon barrel aging imperial stout.

And in that brewery: “The Taproom.”
Where you’ll find a bar. And lawn chairs tied with balloons hanging from 25-foot-high steel rafters. Typical taproom stuff.

Their inaugural eight brews are on draft.
Grab a fire-engine-red stool at the bar and say words like “hefeweizen” and “saison.” Beer will happen.

They’ll have live music every weekend.
And starting in July, a series called “Original Gravity” that pairs classical music with beer.

And come fall, a 20-seat restaurant-within-a-brewery.
Called the Tasting Counter. It’ll hold ticketed dinners paired with beers brewed just for the occasion.

Other than that, normal brewery.


Aeronaut Brewing Company
14 Tyler St
Somerville, MA, 02143


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