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Lakeview’s New Beer Haven Will Go Thusly

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When it rains, it pours.

But sometimes, it rains beer instead of rain.

Like this week. In Chicago. Lot of beer this week in Chicago.

Let’s forge ahead, shall we...

To Beermiscuous, a beer store/taproom hybrid that happens to be the latest and greatest addition to a town already awash in new suds, opening Saturday in Lakeview.

So, yes. You could just treat this as you would any store that sells good beers from places far and near. Mix and match yourself a six-pack. Maybe a few from Goose Island. A few from Atlas Brewing. A few from some medieval Belgian monastery.

But... hold up. This place is a lot nicer than your average beer shop. Look at that useful beer flavor profile chart. Look at that stylized map of Chicago breweries. Look at those love seats and tables everywhere. But mostly, look at those 12 tap handles. Then stay awhile. Get comfy.

Bring your laptop or your entire team and brainstorm in the AV-equipped basement. Or whatever teams do. Discover that pints of J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale really get the synapses firing.

Oh, and there’s no food, but Gino’s East is right across the street and you can bring it in.

Deep dish: also great for synapses.


2812 N Lincoln Ave
(at Diversey)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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