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This App Bestows Personal Shoppers upon You

None You remember it like it was yesterday.

There you were. Just sitting around not having groceries delivered to your door by a personal shopper.

Tragic, tragic day.

But now, it’s time to move on with Instacart, an app that automatically dispatches a small army of errand-runners to fetch whatever you need in 60 minutes or less, available as of today for iPhone and Android.

Here’s how you’ll capitalize on such a thing if...

You find yourself in need of a midnight snack.
They’ll deliver from Kroger until midnight (other local spots are coming soon). The main screen looks like one of those self-checkout screens at the store. Open the app, click what you want and wait for majestic things to happen (mainly a knock on your door).

You have an important dinner reservation.
Yet you’re out of a few essentials. Toothpaste. Shampoo. Things that make you smell nice. Simply send for them. And if you don’t see your usual brands listed, feel free to add special requests. You know, because you have a grocery butler now.

Sunday morning comes too fast.
Your family’s secret hangover cure requires aspirin, bacon, kiwi, batteries and Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream. They can have it all to you by 10am.

Also, your family might be terrible.

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