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A Giant Beer-Making Paradise in Douglas Park

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You’ve probably heard that Lagunitas Brewing Company, the Petaluma, California–based beer maker, has opened a massive brewing facility in town.

Nice. Not particularly useful to your day-to-day life. But nice.

Oh, wait. Scratch that. This changes everything.

Because they’re also about to unveil the Lagunitas Chicago TapRoom, offering the very real possibility of improving the way you drink beers inside giant breweries, opening tomorrow in Douglas Park.

You look like you could use some raw data...

Total square footage of the brewery: 300,000
Number of laser shows and disco balls greeting you in the long entrance hallway: 1 of each
Bottle caps used to create the pinup girl mural on the wall: we’re working on it
Number of beers currently available in the taproom: 12 (with 20 more to come)
More reasons to keep coming back: at least 20
Wooden picnic tables overlooking the bottling line below: 9
Percent chance a brewery picnic is better than every other type of picnic ever: 100
Highest ABV beer: Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale; 9.9%
Number of Beer Mussels served in an order: plenty
Ice cream floats made with imperial stout: 1
Time live music starts each day: 4:20pm
Time that first person nudges you and says, “4:20. Get it?”: 4:20:01pm

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