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Taylor Stitch Lands on Chestnut Street

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Taylor Dayne. Taylor Lautner. Taylor Kitsch.

Yep, Taylor Stitch is still your favorite Taylor.

(Barely. “Tell It to My Heart”: great song.)

And just look at them now. Welcome to the new Taylor Stitch—the second outpost of the esteemed house of oxfords, now open in the Marina. Alert: there’s custom suiting at this one.

These guys have done all right for themselves since starting in a Nob Hill apartment. But they’ve done better for you. Because their trim oxfords, indigo knits and denim just work on your body how those things are supposed to work.

Anyway, you’ll find all that here, along with Tellason denim, Rancourt shoes and such, in a more modern cove on Chestnut Street—simple white walls, 15-foot ceilings, just feels a bit more 2014 than 1947.

Couple of things. This shop’s got women’s stuff, too. So: shopping date. Well, maybe not. Still good to know. More importantly, though, they’re doing custom here. All the way in the back. You want them to make you an oxford that’s ever so slightly slimmer? Sure. You want a Taylor Stitch−ian suit that’ll get you through four weddings, three meetings and a night at the opera? Sure.

Hey, opera could happen.


Taylor Stitch
2030 Chestnut St
(near Fillmore)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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