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The Story of Beer Comes to Printer’s Row

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Today, we salute the time-honored tradition of hoisting a frosty cold one.

Also, we salute hoisting a not-so-frosty, not-particularly-cold one.

Basically, if you can hoist it, we’re going to salute it.

Because this place just opened: First Draft, a new public house with 200 beers and other beer-infused marvels (like pizza), open as of today in the South Loop.

It’s pretty pub-y in here—Chicago sports memorabilia, 23 flat-screens, 100-year-old timber beams, doors rescued from Loyola University. Everything points to you saying, “Good place. Good beer place.”

First thing: look under your table. There’s a basket containing your beer menu. It’s a mighty volume listing 200 beers, from bottles of Atlas Brewing Company’s Pterodactyl Death Scream to 3 Floyds’ Zombie Dust.

Not to mention 64 beers on tap. They’ve got two separate coolers for those. One to make sure your Belgians, stouts and porters are chilled to 41 to 42 degrees. Another to make sure your pilsners and IPAs are chilled to 34 to 36 degrees. You can bring your own thermometer, but we’d just trust them.

You’ll come here to watch games. World Cup. Baseball. Whatever. They’ll be playing it. And when you get hungry, well... more beer. There’s a pizza with an IPA-infused crust and a burger smothered in beer cheese.

Point is: beer.


First Draft
649 S Clark St
(between Harrison and Polk)
Chicago, IL, 60605


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