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This Bar Involves Gin and a 10,000-Year Clock

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There are some interesting people in this city.

People who are building a clock in a Texas mountain that will function for 10,000 years.

People who brought back some limestone from that mountain to make you a bar...

Your kind of people.

Consider The Interval, a bar that’s... not like other bars. It opens Sunday in Fort Mason.

To begin: you might come by on a Sunday morning after the farmers’ market. Grab a cup of Sightglass coffee
and a book from the bookshelves, some light reading like Eon or A History of

Like we said. This bar is not like other bars.

The offices for the Long Now Foundation are just up that spiral staircase, past the vintage surgery lamps,
the robot that’s drawing on a chalkboard (you’ll see) and the gin bottles hanging from the ceiling. The Long Now people are deeply focused on long-term
thinking, hence the 10,000-year clock, and they—

What? Gin on the ceiling, was it? Yes. If you helped fund the place, those bottles are storing your share of
the good stuff. If not, hit the bar for a Tom Collins on tap, or a couple Fighting the Farm Boys
(made with gin and brandied raisins). Then head to the back room, with striking views of the Golden Gate

Perhaps you’ve heard of it.


The Interval
Fort Mason Center, Bldg A
2 Marina Blvd
(at Buchanan)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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