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Your New Power-Burgering Spot Is Here

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Some take their coffee with a little cream and sugar.

Others take their coffee black as night.

And then, of course, you’ve got your coffee-inside-of-a-bacon-cheeseburger crowd...

That last crowd: the Wheelhouse crowd. It’s a new closet-sized lunch haven where your wildest burger-and-breakfast-sandwich fantasies come true, and it’s now open in the Financial District.

Our story begins with two long-time bartenders from the Harp. They were having a fine time pouring drinks, sure. But they really felt that a new lunchtime burger spot was needed in your life. So here we are.

Inside, you’ve got things that aren’t burgers. Like rough-hewn wood counters, an old-timey cash register and a huge, random cabinet painted mint green. And then you’ve got things that are burgers. The kind topped with andouille sausage and Tabasco fried onions. The kind slathered in pimento cheese and chopped bacon.

But come back the next morning and you’ll find them slinging breakfast sandwiches with scratch-made chorizo and griddling muffins with whipped honey butter. Maybe aim straight for the Breakfast Burger, though. It’s made by searing a beef patty with coffee grounds and covering it in bacon, cheese and a runny egg.

So... maybe don’t count on it to wake you up.

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