The Throne Room

Game of Throne

A Live Music Joint with Built-In Pizza

It’s only rock and roll, but you like it.

It’s only pizza, but you also like it.

So we’re fairly confident about what your reaction to The Throne Room, now open in Lakeview, will be:

Frankly, it’s about time this town got a new live rock venue. Especially one that’s an offshoot of a 41-year-old pizza joint (it’s above Renaldi’s After Dark and next door to the original Renaldi’s location).

Sort of feels like an artist’s loft, too. An artist who happens to be able to afford a ridiculous sound system, a state-of-the-art mixing board and a really well-stocked bar. So... the non-starving kind.

You’ll find that things skew a bit more rock than pizza here (unless Macaulay Culkin’s stupid pizza-themed band ever decides to show up). So grab a pint of something. Bob your head. Generally just act like you’re in a rock club. And when you get hungry, ask them to call down an order for some Spingione’s pie from Renaldi’s.

But ultimately, it’s one of those you-saw-’em-here-first spots. A place you’ll talk about fondly in five years when you hear a song from some once-obscure band on the radio.

No, the Pizza Underground doesn’t count.


The Throne Room
2831 N Broadway, 2nd Fl
Chicago, IL, 60614

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