Harper & Rye

Hung Out to Rye

A Woodsy Watering Hole in Nob Hill

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You know what kind of place this is?

This is the kind of place you’ll probably go a bunch of times in rapid succession, and you’ll play pool and drink punch out of jars and get to know a bunch of regulars... then one day you’ll be making plans with your friends and you’ll say that you should really go try somewhere new this time.

But you’ll probably end up right back at Harper & Rye, the rustic new watering hole in the old Red Devil Lounge spot on Polk, now open.

First off, a moment of silence for Red Devil Lounge.

Okay. That felt right.

But what you’ll do now is, you’ll go... whenever. They open at 4pm on weekdays, 2pm on weekends. So if you’re cutting out early in dire need of a Victor & Nancy (mezcal, carrot, lime and citrus chili powder) somewhere near an upright piano and some wood that’s lived good lives as balconies and barns, it’s here.

And if you want to swing by after a good dinner at Harris’ for a few rounds of pool and jars of Oaxacan punch (amaro, mezcal, grapefruit, lemon, agave and ginger beer) big enough to serve four, it’s here.

Pool first, then jars.

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