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How to Get Charcuterie in the Mail

None Bills. Catalogs. Juniper-infused salami. Bills...

And that’s what your mail looks like with Carnivore Club, a new monthly subscription service that scours the globe for meat excellence and ships it right to your mouth, available now online.

This comes from some meat-loving folks in Toronto. And here’s where we could make some sort of Rob Ford joke, but won’t. Instead, we’ll tell you about how they search wide and far for small-time charcuterie operations that haven’t hit the big leagues yet. They’re like talent scouts for meat. Who then take said meat and put it in boxes that you can purchase.

Each box focuses on a single charcuterie producer and four to six of their meat products. Like lamb coppa crafted by some guys in Pittsburgh using 15th-century charcuterie methods. South African biltong jerky by way of New Jersey. Or water buffalo bresaola courtesy of some meat-obsessed Quebecois. Which is much more mail-friendly than poutine.

All you need to do is visit their site and choose a subscription—monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, depending on how often you’d like to use the phrase “Hey, there’s prosciutto in my mail.”

We assume a lot.

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