Play to the Gallery

A Supper Club Inside of an Art Gallery

None What you can’t do in an art gallery: touch the paintings.

What you can do in an art gallery: eat brisket and dance the Texas two-step.

Here to generally make life a better place is Sunday Supper Series at Sloane Merrill Gallery, a summer’s worth of monthly feasting in a Beacon Hill art gallery, taking reservations now for their first, Texas-style-BBQ supper on June 15.

This is from a two-person culinary gang called Bread and Salt, starring Belly Wine Bar manager Katrina Jazayeri and former Beacon Hill Bistro chef Josh Lewin. Over the last year, they’ve been wreaking havoc with standalone taco breakfasts and Persian New Year’s dinners. But this is their first supper club series, and it’s inside of a goddamn art gallery on Beacon Hill.

Walk into their inaugural dinner and you’ll find whitewashed brick walls and lots of painted things. You’ll also find people eating 12-hour brisket and scratch-made hot-link sausage on plastic trays. And optional Texas two-step lessons, preferably pre-brisket.

In July, they’ll have a “Midsummer Harvest Dinner” that incorporates corn into every dish. And then a “Tasting Tour of India” come August.

You always finish with the Indian tasting tour.

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