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Dive with Sharks, Golf with a Legend

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We found you a new golf partner. He’s about 6-foot-3, he’s got a nice and smooth swing. Oh, and he’s in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

We hope he’ll do.

Behold the Ernie Els Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience, 12 customizable days of epic big-game watching and shark diving capped off by a round of golf with “The Big Easy” himself, taking reservations now.

Consider this your chance to match birdies with a four-time major championship winner. But you’ll have to earn it first, by spending almost two weeks touring his native South Africa (we use the term “earn” loosely here). Depending on what you’re up for, the itinerary could look something like this...

Day 1 to 4: Get uncomfortably close to some elephants and lions on safari. Play 18 holes at the hippo-and-croc-infested Leopard Creek golf course. Sip champagne in a hot-air balloon.

Day 5 to 6: Watch some whales, tour the local wineries, sample Els’s restaurant.

Day 7 to 8: Free dive with a mako under the close guidance of a shark expert.

Day 9 to 12: Sail to Robben Island for a guided tour.

Once you’re back stateside, meet up with Els at the Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Florida, for a round of golf and some dinner. Swap South Africa stories, or review that unfortunate bogey on the 11th hole...

Yours, not his.

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