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Just Look at All This Rum on Cape Cod

None Pretty soon, you’ll be hearing this:

“So how was your Memorial Day?”

And if your answer somehow doesn’t involve a rum producer on the Cape with its own food truck and a bar inside of a wooden shack... well, you did it wrong. Sorry.

Get it right the first time with South Hollow Spirits, a new Cape Cod rum distillery that loves company, launching its debut rum online tomorrow and opening for visitors on Friday.

There hasn’t been a (legal) distillery on the Cape since Prohibition. But then the good folks at Truro Vineyards decided to open this separate distillery on their 19th-century estate and start pumping out a spiced rum that goes by the name of Twenty Boat.

First, you’ll want to find that white wooden shack on their property. Because there’s a bar inside, and it’s distributing rum sangria for alfresco lawn consumption. And it’s conveniently located next to a parked truck dispensing lobster rolls. Food from trucks. Crazy, we know.

Then you remember that this is a distillery with daily tours, and soon you’re face-to-face with a 250-gallon copper still doing its rum thing. Let it do it. Then taste more rum at the bar.

It’s like an infinite rum loop.


South Hollow Spirits
11 Shore Rd
North Truro, MA, 02652

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