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New Italian in the Times Building

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A power lunch used to be a thing of beauty.
Martini-fueled handshake deals coming together in double-breasted suit-filled gossip pits over steak tartare and mesclun salads.

But with next Wednesday's opening of Italian eatery Montenapo in Renzo Piano's New York Times Building, we're about to enter a new era of power lunching—consider this a front-row seat for the craziness that is print media. And we're excited about the possibilities…

Picture a room full of wild-eyed newspapermen carving up the remaining print media landscape—we fully expect to see the Sulzbergers, Rupert Murdoch and Ronald Perelman vying for ownership of the Peoria Sun Times and duking it out over the Boston Globe as they snack on creamy burrata.

To aid the spectator sport, you'll also be equipped with a menu that looks pretty damn delicious—which means you'll probably want to show up early, grab a seat in the middle of the large dining room (optimal sight lines to Perelman's branzino) and settle in for an opulent meal of house-made veal cheek agnolotti and buffalo carpaccio.

Or invite the Sunday Styles team over to the ten-person chef's table—situated by the bar in a corner of the airy, expansive room under a 23-foot ceiling—so you can discuss your cardigan collection while delving into homemade pastas, LaFrieda meats and market veggies like the Floreale salad.
And if you see a photographer, smile.


The New York Times Building
250 W. 41st St
Midtown West
New York, NY, 10018


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