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Bartlett Hall vs. Gaspar Brasserie

None 10 Photos Bartlett Hall vs. Gaspar Brasserie
In this corner... a rather majestic restaurant, bar and brewery called Bartlett Hall (left), opening tomorrow.

And in this corner... the brandy-loving Gaspar Brasserie, opening Thursday.

It would be pretty arbitrary to force these two nice-looking places to face off against each other, tale-of-the-tape-style. So let’s go ahead and do that.

The Scene
Bartlett Hall: A historic 1914 building, a block off Powell Street. Plush leather sofas. Badger taxidermy. Steel columns, crown moldings and clocks. Lots of clocks.
Gaspar Brasserie: Two levels of discreet Frenchness a block from Grant Street. Roosters, chandeliers and burgundy banquettes... all connected to the Galleria Park Hotel.
Edge: Gaspar, at least date-wise. What with the nearby beds and all.

The Food
Bartlett Hall: A Maverick vet is in the kitchen here, and he’s doing a variation on that famous burger that’s 20% butter.
Gaspar Brasserie: It’s all very French—the owners are also behind Café Claude, Claudine and Gitane. Think: escargot, mussels, veal...
Edge: Bartlett Hall. Barely. Remember how we just said “burger that’s 20% butter.”

The Drinks
Bartlett Hall: 28 taps, a couple for cocktails. The in-house brewery will be up and running in a few weeks. So, yeah, beer.
Gaspar Brasserie: A Jasper’s Corner/Bourbon & Branch vet is doing absinthe- and brandy-based drinks, and cognac Old Fashioneds.
Edge: You. With these options, everybody wins, really.

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