Double Down

A User’s Guide to Claudette and Blenheim

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We apologize.

For waiting any longer than necessary to tell you about...

... Claudette (left) and Blenheim (right), two charming new date spots with serious pedigrees. Both will be open as of tonight.

And because we figure that since the laws of physics prohibit you from occupying two places at once, we should just help you explore them both...

The Pedigree
Claudette: A newer, Frenchier sibling to two West Village date-night institutions, Bobo and Rosemary’s.
Blenheim: Helmed by a chef who earned his stripes at wd~50, Gwynnett St. and Mugaritz. (So yes, they’re very delicious stripes.)

The Vibe
Claudette: Pretty much a country home in southern France—rattan chairs, tagine pots and steaming bowls of bouillabaisse. But with more rosé on tap.
Blenheim: A highly civilized barn. Representing the barn: lots of exposed wood. Representing civilization: a marble bar serving tequila cocktails.

Your Play
Claudette: First date. Keep it simple: shaved carrots, hanger steak, discussions about carrot-shaving techniques...
Blenheim: Double date. Ask for the corner booth in the window and the multicourse tasting menu—which changes daily, but expect ramps, guinea fowl and/or lamb with mentholated yogurt.

It’s not a date until something’s mentholated.

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