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The Sexiest Nurses of All-Time

None 14 Photos National Nurses Day
Some call it a Hallmark Holiday. Some call it a time to honor the brave men and women serving in our nation's hospitals.

We say National Nurses Day is an excuse to run a slideshow of hot nurses.

Can you blame us? After all, Hollywood has done a wonderful job of fueling the whole naughty fantasy. (Some say too wonderful.) From Kate Beckinsale's leggy WWII-era lieutenant in Pearl Harbor to Amy Adams' pigtailed candy striper in Catch Me If You Can, some of the screen's hottest women have worn scrubs.

More proof: Daryl Hannah's scary-sexy eye-patch-toting version in Kill Bill, or the heavenly vision of five (!) Salma Hayeks, eager to nurse you to health, in Across the Universe. (Probably the only five—okay, ten—reasons to ever see that movie.) Outside of film, the artist Richard Prince—that sly bastard—got Kate Moss to gamely don the uniform…for some reason. (Did he need a reason?)

So enjoy. And better luck next year, Zellweger.

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