Elle on the River

Elle Oh Elle

Tacos. Sun. The River. This.

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Go ahead:

Squander a few hours on a patio along the Chicago River.

Gorge yourself on fancy tacos.

Indulge your friends with a big jug of cocktails.

Demand a boom box be brought to your table posthaste for the listening enjoyment of your compatriots.

Oh, right. There isn’t a place with all that stuff. Today.

But make way for Elle on the River, the future of your summer lunching and happy houring. It’s from the Travelle folks, and it opens Thursday.

Think of this as Big Star meets Mies van der Rohe (the building above you here, now the Langham, was one of his last). You’ll have great views of Marina City, Trump Tower and Wacker Drive. Basically, it’s an architecture tour with martinis.

For lunch, be bold and order the entire taco menu (there are only four tacos on it). They’ve given it a Mediterranean twist. The tortilla is made from a special flatbread. Ingredients include piri-piri chicken and Calabrian mahi-mahi. You can get Egyptian hot sauce, so fiery that it could make the Sphinx cry. (We hear he’s a bit of a softy, though.)

Your evening activity, however, will probably revolve around something like the Better Than a Bradford—a gin-and-watermelon punch that can serve six. And if you want music, they’ll bring a Mini Jambox and an iPod to your table.

Music. You should probably go with music.

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