Gashead Tavern

Hit the Gas

A British-Inspired Pub on Mission

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Some nights are just laid-back, good-ale, truffled-cheese-sticks-at-an-English-pub kind of nights.

Other nights are written about in upsetting dystopian novels.

Anyway, here’s Gashead Tavern, a Brit-inspired watering hole serving up cocktails, ales and good old pub fare in a former tapas bar, now open on Mission Street from the owners of Murio’s Trophy Room.

This is about meeting up with friends. This is about clapping someone on the shoulder, heartily and with gusto, and asking them about their day, and caring what the answer is. This is about settling into a bunch of mismatched chairs under a big antique mirror, and taking care of the first round of Anchor Steams on tap, and eventually making sure everybody’s got some bangers and mash, fish-and-chips, pork scratchings, those truffled cheese sticks... whatever they want.

And this is about a group of friends that somehow gets a little bigger as the night goes along as strangers enter your orbit and chairs start getting pulled over. And this is about the sudden agreement that some whiskey would make an excellent nightcap.

That’s what this is about.

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