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Massages, Shaves and Beer in Brookhaven

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Sometimes, you just need to sit back in a recliner, relax and have a beer.

And a haircut. And a scalp massage. And a shoeshine. And a nice person nearby who’s willing to fan you gently with palm fronds.

Here to offer all but that last thing is 18/8, a new one-stop shop for getting, well, your hair cut, your shoes shined and your head massaged, taking appointments as of Wednesday for its Saturday debut in Brookhaven.

It feels like a barbershop dressed up as a handsome office in here, with plenty of dark woods and leather thrown around. After the receptionist gets you a local beer, you’re off to your chair—it looks like it was pulled from a nice conference room, with stick-shift-style levers and adjustable headsets. This is how offices should work, anyway.

Most likely, you’re just here for a straight-razor shave or a simple “Classic” haircut. Which... isn’t actually very simple, since they throw a bunch of extra stuff into it. They’ll shampoo you twice. Shine your shoes. Massage your shoulders. And if you opt to go the “Executive” route, they’ll add hot stones to that massage.

If you want, they can also help you out with facials, manicures, beard colorings...

Tell them you want the “Stan Rizzo.”


305 Brookhaven Ave, Ste 1140
Atlanta, GA, 30319


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