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Downton Abbey

Two Floors of Lobster Chowder and Beer

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First, a brief lesson in Celtic mythology:

Maeve is a warrior goddess. Her name means “she who intoxicates.”

And this place has a giant mural of her.

So take a guess where this is going...

Straight to The Abbey, two glorious levels of lobster chowder and unending beer, expecting to open Wednesday or Thursday in Porter Square.

Now let’s skip to the important parts...

It’s a sequel.
The first Abbey opened in Brookline in 2010. A golden age of free-flowing beer and bison Bolognese followed. And now it’s hitting Cambridge.

There are two levels.
First floor: a no-nonsense barroom full of exposed brick and that goddess we were talking about. Downstairs: a subterranean maple chamber with a second full bar of its own. Don’t question a good thing.

Each bar has 13 draft lines.
Including Spencer white ale, made by monks in a Western Massachusetts abbey. We’re told the name is purely coincidental.

You can still get bison Bolognese.
And other dishes from the original, or stake out for a newcomer like lobster chowder. Or do both of those things, because you can.

They’re doing dessert for the first time here.
It involves orange bread pudding.

Just as you suspected.

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