Mighty Mighty Boston

Introducing UrbanDaddy Boston

It's been a long time coming.
We've hit Vegas, settled down in L.A. and made a nice home for ourselves in Chicago.
And now, we're finally stretching our legs in New England.
Welcome to UrbanDaddy Boston, your new guide to everything that's going down in and around the Hub.
In a few short weeks we'll be turning the same expertly honed UrbanDaddy filter that we use to bring you the best restaurants, nightlife, style and weekend events in your other favorite cities on Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding universe (we're looking at you, Cape Cod and Newport). That means once a day you'll get a quick hit of knowledge about a new Beacon Hill watering hole, the sausage cart to end all sausage carts on Lansdowne or a heads-up about an underground lobster fight club cropping up in Cambridge (the first rule of lobster fight club...).
In a city with as many traditions, favorites and routines as Boston, we're bringing you the best of the best, starting a few of our own and shaking things up a bit.
And if that means we have to drop the email magazine equivalent of 51 in a playoff game, well, then we're gonna make it rain…

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