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Fried Chicken, Ramen and Like a Million Sakes

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There isn’t much you could think of that would make the Strip a more perfect place.

Although it could always use more sake and twice-fried chicken...

Funny, that’s exactly what they have in mind at Yusho, the Vegas version of a Chicago institution that’s bringing Japanese street food, over 50 sakes and cocktails on tap to the Monte Carlo, open now.

Chef Matthias Merges. Remember that name. In the future, he’ll be lauded as the man who redefined a little strip in Nevada with crispy-pork ramen bowls and charred-octopus skewers. And he’s doing it in a place with turquoise brick walls, multicolored wire chairs and an exposed kitchen bustling with chefs grilling things over an open flame.

Dinner: an obvious time to swing by. Assuming you brought someone lovely with an appreciation for skewered meats, grab one of the two-tops situated under the yellow industrial lamps and start ordering... everything. Fried oysters. Japanese griddle cakes. Everything.

Then again, there’s always the bar. Behind it are magical concoctions on tap like a Chuhai with tea and shōchū or a rum-heavy number they’re calling Booze Cola.

Your ancestors may have called this a “rum and Coke.”


at Monte Carlo
3770 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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