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Wine + Pasta + More Wine in Logan Square

None Happy Cinque de Maggio. That’s what they call Cinco de Mayo in Italy.

It’s not a holiday or anything, but there seems to be a lot of wine. So, what the hell, celebrate anyway.

Here’s a good starting place: Osteria Langhe, a snug new wine-and-pasta specialist, opening tonight in Logan Square.

You’ll quickly surmise they’re really into wine here. First clue: a mural of vineyards hanging in the dining room. Second clue: the bottles they keep rolling around on little carts and leaving at your table.

Their mission: to get you jazzed about Piedmont, Italy’s big wine-growing/beef-producing region. Though, truthfully, you do come with a pretty high wine-and-beef-enthusiasm level already.

The chef owned a restaurant in Italy for five years and knows his way around poached veal, beef crudo and tagliata with steak. In other words, this will serve as your new off-the-beaten-path date spot. Candles, wine, pasta—the story basically writes itself.

Still, with friends you can commandeer the large table by the front window. Start with a Manhattan Piemontese (it’s made with amaro from the region), then proceed to go nuts on herb-crusted frog legs and grilled octopus.

That story has endless possibilities.


Osteria Langhe
2824 W Armitage Ave
(between California and Mozart)
Chicago, IL, 60647

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