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They Roast Whole Animals and Sell Art Here

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Some places display art and ask you to be quiet and respectful.

Other places display art and ask you to eat entire animals.

Guess which kind this one is...

Welcome to the strange and spectacular world of Liquid Art House, a new restaurant/art gallery filled with paintings that you can buy and whole ducks you can eat, opening Tuesday in Back Bay.

Consider this your cheat sheet...

There’s art. Everywhere.
From mighty canvases hanging in the 24-foot-ceilinged lounge room, to smaller works in the velvet-banquette-filled dining room. The exhibitions will change every six to eight weeks. It’s currently global street art, hence the Banksy-like paintings and graffiti skateboards.

If you like it, you can buy it.
That goes for everything. All you need to do is talk to one of the house curators. One of them is always on duty.

Right. It’s also a restaurant.
Give them 72 hours, and they’ll roast you an entire suckling pig or Rohan duck. Best served at the communal table, which is a huge tree trunk topped with a glass sheet. As it should be.

The circle-shaped marble bar is prime second-date territory.
Just add cava and foie gras dumplings.

Maybe a date.

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