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A Mini-Golf Bar with Chicken and Waffles: Hell Yes

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Listen, sometimes an indoor, 14-hole mini-golf course opens as part of a new bar and restaurant, and they serve pizza, beer and fried-chicken-and-waffle skewers, and the whole place used to be a mortuary.

Sometimes that happens, and there’s simply no choice but to go there and be amazed.

And so it is with great thankfulness that you find yourself living in a world alongside Urban Putt, the city’s only... place that’s like this place. It opens Monday.

It feels like just your everyday Victorian-era spot in here—filled with mini-golf holes involving submarines, ducks, windmills, Rube Goldberg contraptions and at least one giant pink octopus. Yup, typical Victorian.

So you’ll take a number and await your turn, deli-counter-style. But in the meantime you can head upstairs to the restaurant and bar. Play some skee-ball. Grab a table by the large windows. Have a beer and a deep-dish pizza, maybe topped with oysters, shiitake mushrooms and ramps.

Eventually, you’re up. Fourteen holes of glory. And if you’re still hungry, a nice person will bring you food on a stick while you play. Corn dogs, sure, or those fried-chicken-and-waffle skewers.

Somehow the stick makes it seem so new.

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